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Placido disc, Scheimpflug camera and AS‑OCT Fusion

The combination of Placido disk topography, Scheimpflug tomography and AS-OCT offers ophthalmologists and optometrists with a vast array of data points. It provides information on pachymetry, elevation, curvature and dioptric power of both corneal surfaces over a diameter of 12 mm to 16 mm. It calculates all biometric measurements of the anterior chamber using 25 sections from the cornea. Besides the clinical diagnosis of the anterior segment, the major benefits of these tomograph topographers include surgical planning, follow-ups in refractive surgery, cataract surgery and IOL applications. Optometry practices also require topographic data for contact lenses application, ortho-K fitting and dry eye assessments. For objective examination, these devices provide accurate measurements of the pupil diameter in scotopic, mesopic, photopic and dynamic conditions, and when combined with the corneal mapping through the Placido disc, the information collected is critical for refractive surgery planning, such as IOL selection, laser surgery suitability and follow-up reviews.

Keratoconus / Astigmatism

This feature is available for both the CSO MS39 (Topographer | AS-OCT Tomography) and the Sirius+ (Topographer|Scheimpflug Tomography). Keratoconous screening offers the clinician with important information about the patient's cornea. Understanding this can help prevent complications associated with ectasia before corneal surgery.

Contact Lense Fitting

Sirius+ (Topographer | Scheimpflug Tomography) has a built-in pupillography measurement module. The measurement of the pupil in scotopic (0.04 lux), mesopic (4 lux), photopic (50 lux) conditions and in dynamic mode. Knowledge of the center and the diameter of the pupil, is essential for many clinical procedures which seek to optimize vision quality.

Antares Topographer features a contact lenses fitting module which simulates the fitting of rigid contact lenses based on an internal database of many lens manufacturers. Antares Topographer has white light to capture color images and motion pictures, it also has cobalt blue light for the analysis of contact lens fitting. It can change the magnification, allowing the capture of images with a wide visual field such as the tear meniscus and corneal redness.

Cataract Surgery

IOL CALCULATION MODULE available for the Sirius+ (Topographer / Scheimpflug Tomography) and MS39 (Topographer / AS-OCT Tomography) utilizes Ray-Tracing techniques, regardless of the state of the cornea (untreated or previously treated for refractive purposes), provides the calculation of the spherical and toric power of the intraocular lens.



All CSO Topographers come with Dry Eye Modules, based on the Ocular Surface Disease Index questionnaire (OSDI), limbal and conjunctival hyperaemia, Meibomian glands analysis, tear meniscus analysis, NIBUT, and tear osmolarity. The combined score provides an overall evaluation of the clinical condition of the patient for a comprehensive diagnosis of the dry eye disease.


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