A revolution is born.

Eye Examinations

E-SWIN Tearcheck is Designed to create a new standard for dry eye analysis with 2 completely new patented examinations (TFSE® & OSIE®).

  • Unique usability
  • Touchscreen display
  • Fully automatic
  • Wireless use
  • Wireless data transfer & print

  • Brand new technology
  • 2 high-resolution cameras inside providing top sharp and high-resolution images and videos to allow fast and clear examinations.
    Designed and developed by E-SWIN

Tearcheck provides the following exams

OSIE® (Ocular Surface Inflammatory Evaluation) | TFSE® / NIBUT (Tear Film Stability Evaluation / Non-Invasive Breakup Time) | ABORTIVE BLINKING | EYE REDNESS | DEMODEX | MEIBOGRAPHY IR | OSDI questionnaire | D-BUT (not yet accessible)


Tear Film Stability Evaluation/Non-Invasive Breakup Time

  • Share the same imaging sequence
  • Shows the micro-movements of the tear film
  • Quick: Evaluation over 10 seconds
  • Gives the user an exact score of dryness

Ocular Surface Inflammatory Evaluation

  • Shows increased risk of inflammation
  • Exact dimension and score of the dryness
  • The new standard tool for eye surgeons and lense-opticians

Abortive Blinking

  • Shows all blinks identified over the acquisition time (expected 1 minute).
  • Determines the structure of the identified blinks: complete or incomplete blinks.

Eye Redness

  • Makes it possible to assess hyperemia caused by dry eye induced inflammatory processes
  • Re-assess the patients as the treatment progresses


  • Enlarged image capturing the base of the eyelashes
  • Makes it possible to trace and visualize the signs of demodex presence

Meibography IR

  • Makes it possible to visualize the Meibomian Glands
  • Shows the rate of gland loss (in %)
  • Shows the morphology of the glands present

Tear Meniscus

  • Shows the height of the tear meniscus
  • Two values are calculated: measurement below the iris center and thickest measurement

OSDI questionnaire

  • Provides an overview of the patient’s eye fitness in everyday life