Computerized Vision Chart

VISION CHART Computerized vision chart

CSO Vision Chart gives to the user a very wide range of tests for vision performances. Tests are available for determination of visual acuity and contrast treshold, of the best correction, test for binocular vision and vision color tests. All available tests have been designed according to the actual international standards. Most of tests are completely interactive and this is useful to speed every test.

The Digital Vision Chart will allow you to disply sullen chart, generic vision chart, eye test chart for driving license, visual acuity test, eye prescription chart, Jaeger chart, near vision chart, double vision test chart, LogMAR chart, Snellen chart, Pelli Robson chart, DMV eye chart, myopia degree chart. The system comprises the latest vision charts set by the International standards packed in one modern LCD hardware to be calibrated according to the space requirement of the room.

Library of Interactive Eye Tests

Streamline your test routine

CSO Vision Chart is a state-of-the-art computerized charts for general and specific visual examinations. With a wide range of visual tests, all of which complies to the highest authoritative international standards

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