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Looking for a new Slit lamp

Eyetek exclusively supplies slit lamps from the world’s finest European manufacturer. If you are looking to replace, upgrade or buy new slit lamps, the team at Eyetek is here to assist. The premium SL9900 Elite (Tower Illumination configuration) comes with all the most advanced features, is made with the finest quality material and is powered by 50,000 hours + LED lights. A dedicated Video Beam Splitter Camera is available to optimize all clinical applications. The SL9900 Elite is versatile and allows the use of Applanation Tonometers (A900), as well as the addition of the CSO POLARIS (NBUT) and can support the installation of lasers. CSO SL99000 Elite comes with the advanced Phoenix Software, taking your patient’s acquisitions to another level with its simple navigation and intuitive interface. The Phoenix Software enables archiving of patients’ records for convenient future retrieval.

Slit lamp Accessories

CSO Slit lamps come with an array of dedicated accessories. Accessories range from HR split system camera / Applanation Tonometer / Polaris Tearfilm analysis and laser adaptor.

Vision Chart

Looking for a sullen chart, generic vision chart, eye test chart for driving license, visual acuity test, eye prescription chart, Jaeger chart, near vision chart, double vision test chart, LogMAR chart, Snellen chart, Pelli Robson chart, DMV eye chart, myopia degree chart? CSO digital computerized chart has you covered. The system comprises the latest vision charts set by the International standards packed in one modern LCD hardware to be calibrated according to the space requirement of the room.


CSO Vision Chart is a state-of-the-art computerized charts for general and specific visual examinations. With a wide range of visual tests, all of which complies to the highest authoritative international standards

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